The Xyaat Cooperative is an initiative of community members of the town of Señor, in Quintana Roo (Maya Riviera), México. Under the direction and guidance of Marcos Canté and several other non-profit groups of the area, the community has organized tours that share their Maya heritage and culture to tourists. These tours include visits to houses of important members of the community (including a storyteller and artisans), visits to the local lagoon, and local gastronomy.

This collaborative brand design project started with a design research visit to the region in February, 2008. Later on, I made two more field trips, in August of 2008 and January of 2009. The project extended until November, 2009.

The outcomes include stationery, logotype, postcards and brochures, and a website first developed in Joomla, which allows different users to manage content at the same time. The logo is inspired by the symbiosis of flora and fauna that Maya communities help maintain.

This project as well as a few other developed in Maya communities during the same years were based on the development of collaborations and the exchange of knowledge that is part of a design process that includes the understanding of audiences, systems, and processes in other contexts using different design research methods. For more information visit I participated in these projects are leader and designer of the Design4Development initiative.

The logo was adapted for hand-made signs around the community.