Labels for a line of products developed by a group of Maya artisan women from the town of Tihosuco, Quintana Roo, México. This brand design’s target audience are tourists visiting the area. Field work activities included trips to the area, meetings with the artisans, and prototyping sessions.

Each sub-line of products is differentiated by a different color palette, a pattern and a symbol or illustration. These labels are intended to be easy to print, reproduce, and attach to recycled plastic or glass jars and containers of different sizes and forms, or to hang to different kinds of hand made clothes or accessories.

This project as well as a few other developed in Maya communities during the same years were based on the development of collaborations and the exchange of knowledge that is part of a design process that includes the understanding of audiences, systems, and processes in other contexts using different design research methods. I participated in these projects as leader and designer of the Design4Development initiative.